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Surprising architecture : Ibiza
Ibiza has been always an island with a special fame. The first Ibicencos came from Lebanon, and as history tells us they were followed by the Romans, the Vikings, and the Arabs. Even in the Greek mythology there are writings about locations with a more than coincidental likeness to Ibiza. Ibiza has never lost any of its magic; there is still worldwide curiosity about this amazing place. Numerous variations of style are scattered across the Island. There is the authentic Ibi?encan style, Norwegian style, Mexican style, Arabian style, Greek style, you name it. The main theme in this fabulous book is to give the reader a view inside the wonderful dream-houses on Ibiza and to introduce them to the enormous variety of architectural styles on the island The camera is my brush, and the light are my colours.
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  • Clasificación: RVA NA 7386 I25 S87
  • Editorial: Loft
  • Año: 2011
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