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Small scale broiler production
Increased literacy and consumer awareness has made broiler meat very popular inducing many “vegetarians” to meat consumption. Obviously, this has triggered broiler production in India which is currently growing at a healthy rate of 10% per annum. Broiler production brings along with it more employment opportunities through feed and equipment manufacturers, breeding farm and hatcheries, vaccine production centers, pharmaceuticals and marketing infrastructure. More and more educated farmers are venturing into broiler production and finding considerable success too. This has created need for publications on various aspects of broiler production to cater to the needs of farmers. Some time back, farmer himself used to make arrangements for procuring chicks, feed, vaccines, medicine etc. But, with vertical integration becoming order of the day, small – scale broiler production has become more and more risky. This is compounded by the fact that even the market is being controlled by the integrators who will be naturally operating large volumes. In any case, if the farmer can develop his own marketing, it is possible to realize reasonable profits out of a small – scale broiler unit also. There are many publications available by many accredited authors describing, to varying depth, rearing of broilers. However, most of the publications are in a full text form and/or describe the broiler farming to such a depth that the farmer may find it difficult to understand. Hence, a question and answer method of presentation is adopted wherever appropriate with maximum emphasis on practical aspects so that the farmer can easily locate for his question and find a solution quickly; scientific reasons are made as simple as possible so that the literate farmer will be able to understand them. It is a general practice to rear broilers on litter – floor; hence, all description below pertains to deep – litter system. It is hoped that this publication would be useful to the farmers, who want / can only start a small – scale broiler unit, as a handy ready – reckoner on various aspects of production activity.
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