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FXFOWLE has defined a practice in architecture, interior design, planning, and urban development in relation to the precepts of design and the principles of the environment, whether natural or constructed. Urbanism, technology, and sustainable strategies provide the context within which FXFOWLE has operated for more than 35 years. The works of FXFOWLE adhere to shared bodies of ideas. Emerging from an individual structure or a series of buildings, these concepts sustain the culture, the process, and the design approach of the firm; they likewise organize the works and projects presented in this publication. REVEAL exposes the territory between architecture and landscape. Buildings and urban plans apply an ecological approach, merging with the larger structures of the environment. Architecture and constructed systems resonate with natural systems, bringing the experience of landscape to designed space. FILTER refines the association between architecture and context. Vernacular structures and distinctive local customs provide a frame of reference for the generation of form. Incorporating culture and climate infuses buildings with a sense of place and develops a close bond with the natural environment. EVOLVE advances the bond between architecture and history. Remaking historic buildings and districts engages culture, heritage, and conservation along with architecture and planning. Materials, methods, and expression foster respect, authenticity, and interconnectivity in buildings new and old. EFFECT realizes the relationship between architecture and program. The function and use of a building offer a powerful conceptual tool that may be interpreted and inflected. Crafted alongside the tangible components of a building, the intangible aspects of program enhance form and function.
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  • Año: 2014
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