Business psychology and organisational behaviour
Organizational behavior, or organizational psychology, is the study of human behavior in an organizational setting. In the workplace, it is related to a larger field of psychology, which is the estudy of the human mind y behavior. Organizational psychologists study wokplace relations, attitudes, and behaviors. The goal is to help the company by promoting greater happiness, job satisfaction, and mental wellness amongst employees. The psychologist may recommend changes inb hiring practices, trining, employee feedback, and management, all of which can influence the overall behavior of the workplace. The role of pychology in organizationa behavior is related to its value in the determination of the relatioship between the mental health and general wellbeing of individuals in relation to their behavior at work. I es actually a field of study where psychologists use several parameters to Access how different work environments an trends affect the health and performance of employees. Organizations may use the outcome of the study of the role of psychology in organizational behavior in their hiring practices, in their assessment and relation with employees, and in their trining of new and existing employees. An application of the role of psychology in organizational behavior is in the recruitment of new employee. Another role of psychology in organizational behavior is the development of methods for the ongoing appraisal of the performance of existing employees within the organization. The role of psychology in organizational behavior are not limite to performance, trining and recruitment. It can also be used as a factor in the development of motivational practices in an organization.
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