The financialization response to economic disequilibria : European and Latin American experiences
Europe and Latin America’s social and economic stagnation is a direct result of the unresolved phenomena of the financialization crisis that broke out in 2008 in developed countries. Editors Noemi Levy and Etelberto Ortiz analyze the limitations of economic growth and development under capitalist economic organizations where financial capital is dominant, as well as explore alternative economic policies. This book argues that institutional settings based on the international monetary market, the global production organization and the international commerce arrangements need to be redesigned to improve countries’ economic growth, job opportunities and salaries. In order for economic disequilibria to be reduced among regions, countries and social classes, economic surplus appropriation must be regulated. Divided into four distinct thematic sections, the chapters discuss how income distribution must be re-evaluated in order to halt the economic crisis of developing countries in Europe and Latin America, and to boost a new cycle of economic growth and development. This critical discussion will be of value to economic scholars and researchers, policymakers wishing to learn more about the limitations of economic growth, as well as journalists specializing in economic issues.
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  • Clasificación: HB 145 F56
  • Editorial: Edward Elgar Publishing
  • Año: 2016
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