Essentials of botanical extraction : principles and applications
Mandal, Subhash C.
Essentials of Botanical Extraction: Principles and Applications provides a unique, single source of valuable information on the various botanical extraction methods available, from conventional to the use of green and modern extraction technologies including ultrasounds, microwaves, pressurized liquids, and supercritical fluids. Most extracts obtained from botanicals are often poorly characterized with unidentified active or inactive constituents. A wise selection of an extraction strategy is vital to drug discovery from medicinal plants as extraction forms the basic first step in medicinal plant research. This book also explores the mathematical hypotheses and innovations in botanical extractions and analyzes different post extraction operations so that dependency on serendipity is reduced and the same be converted into programmed drug discovery.
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  • Clasificación: RS 160 M36
  • Editorial: Elsevier Academic Press
  • Año: 2015
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