Building Berlin : the latest architecture in and out of the capital.$$nvol. 4
Architecture and the architectural discourse have be - come ever more important for the creative hub of Berlin. Whether new constructions or building redevelopments, interior design, landscape architecture or urban planning, projects related the German capital stands for sophis - ticated concepts and high quality. As it does every year BUILDING BERLIN presents the most important and interesting projects from the past year in Berlin as well as works outside Berlin by Berlin based architects. The presentation of the approximately 70 projects in eight chapters is accompanied by essays on exemplary aspects. Especially noteworthy is an analysis of the different strategies for hospital and health facilities in underdevel - oped regions of the world. The contributed Work To Go subtly reflects about the meaning of architecture for the workplaces of the digital nomads.
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  • Clasificación: RVA NA 1085 B85
  • Editorial: Braun
  • Año: 2015
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