Postdigital artisans : craftmanship with a new aesthetic in fashion, art, design and architecture
Openshaw, Jonathan
Digital technology has irreversibly changed how we see, think and act. A staggering number of us spend as much as half our waking hours online. Right now, more people are gazing at a screen than looking out a window. As we are drawn deeper into a symbiotic relationship with the digital, there is also a growing desire for more tactile, immersive experiences.Touch screens don t eliminate the need to touch something more palpable than an electronic visual display. It s in this context that today "postdigital artisans" operate. Inescapably influenced by the digital world, they nonetheless reject strictly screen-based design and total reliance on automated production, such as 3D printing. They advocate a return to craft, with objects made from clay, metal, glass and wood. They neither turn their backs on technology nor glorify nostalgia, but the high-tech honeymoon is over. They see materials as the heart of art, design, fashion and architecture.
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  • Clasificación: RVA NK 1397 O64
  • Editorial: Frame Publishers
  • Año: 2015
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