Microbial iron metabolism : a comprehensive treatise
Microbial Iron Metabolism: A Comprehensive Treatise provides a comprehensive treatment of microbial iron metabolism. It aims to contribute to an increased understanding of the path of iron in microbial species and, eventually, in the plant and animal. The book is organized into five parts. Part I describes some features of iron and its function in the microbial world. These include a historical sketch of the recognition of the importance of iron in cellular physiology; a description of certain physical properties of ferrous and ferric ions; and a list of various known biocoordination derivatives grouped by ligand atom. Metabolism under iron-limited conditions is also examined. Part II presents studies on iron transport, biosynthesis, and storage in microorganisms. Part III examines iron enzymes and proteins, including ferredoxin, rubredoxin, nitrogenase, and hydrogenase. Part IV deals with reactions of inorganic substrates. Part V presents a study on the role of bacterial iron metabolism in infection and immunity.
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  • Clasificación: QR 88 M53
  • Editorial: Academic Press
  • Año: 1974
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