Evaluating public policy
Fischer, Frank, 1942-
The evaluation of public programs and policies has become a focal point for public institutions and it is the object of many reflections and academic works about politics and governance. As a perfect complement to its main research activity, the Institute develops consultant advisory in political management. This program is oriented to address the good governance’s requirements and to deepen the concept of democratic quality. The evaluations carried out by IPOLGOB’s members cover a broad range of topics and specialized policies (quality evaluation of public services, European programs, social policies, rural cooperation and development, security policies, etc.). However, the Institute’s works has placed greater emphasis on evaluation of crisis management plans and meta-evaluation in the last years. From a theoretical point of view, the principal lines of research have focused on four lines: design of evaluation systems applicable to public management, assessment methodology, meta-evaluation and institutionalization of the evaluation in Spain. Lastly, it is worth to point that IPOLGOB is an institutional member of the Sociedad Española de Evaluación (Evaluation Spanish Society).
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  • Año: 1995
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