Mexico : places and history
Domenici, Davide
Mexico is one of the most extraordinary countries in the world, a land that has seen the longest-lasting and enigmatic civilizations of the new world be born and die, the place where history and nature are wonderfully enjoined offers itself unveiled to the gaze of the reader. Mexico, the great core-nation of Latin-ness in Central America and heir to ancient cultural traditions thousands of years old, features landscapes and moments of poignant beauty: wind-carved sierras, the transparent water of the Gulf of California and the Gulf of Mexico, and golden sands dominated by precipitous rock walls. Then, there are the chaotic streets of its immense capital, the flat roofs of the highland villages, deserts and sierras, cactus forests, charming, thousand-year-old archaeological sites, stepped pyramids and baroque palaces, and Indians and Hidalgos. It is a huge territory, almost 800,000 square miles big, in which peoples and ethnic groups that have changed history have followed one after the other: Olmecs, Toltecs, Mayans, Aztecs, Spanish conquistadors...Handy and complete, this book is the newest in the "Places and History" series that is in full colour.
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  • Clasificación: RVA F 1209 D6513
  • Editorial: White Star
  • Año: 2005
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