Marketing management
Philip Kotler 
The 15th edition of Marketing Management is a landmark entry in the long successful history of the marketleader. With the 15th edition, great care was taken to provide an introductory guide to marketing managementthat truly reflects the modern realities of marketing. In doing so, classic concepts, guidelines, and examples wereretained while new ones were added as appropriate. Three broad forces—globalization, technology, and socialresponsibility—were identified as critical to the success of modern marketing programs. These three topics areevident all through the text.As has been the case for a number of editions now, the overriding goal of the revision for the 15th editionof Marketing Management was to create as comprehensive, current, and engaging a MBA marketing textbookas possible. Where appropriate, new material was added, old material was updated, and no longer relevant ornecessary material was deleted.
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  • Temas: Administración y Economía; Marketing
  • Editorial: Pearson Educación
  • Año: 2016
  • Formato: Lectura en línea y descargable por 1 día
  • Ejemplares: 15
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