Analysis with an Introduction to Proof: Pearson New International Edition
Lay, Steven R.
For courses in undergraduate Analysis and Transition to Advanced Mathematics.   Analysis with an Introduction to Proof, Fifth Edition helps fill in the groundwork students need to succeed in real analysis—often considered the most difficult course in the undergraduate curriculum. By introducing logic and emphasizing the structure and nature of the arguments used, this text helps students move carefully from computationally oriented courses to abstract mathematics with its emphasis on proofs. Clear expositions and examples, helpful practice problems, numerous drawings, and selected hints/answers make this text readable, student-oriented, and teacher- friendly.
Detalles del libro
  • Temas: Matemáticas; Matemática avanzadas
  • Editorial: Pearson Educación
  • Año: 2014
  • Formato: Lectura en línea y descargable por 1 día
  • Ejemplares: 15
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